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Training Course – Advanced sales skills

21-12-2022 Category : GEET TRAINING

Advanced sales skills

Duration of each class: 03 (three) days.

Target audience: Tellers, Sales team.


Course’s goals

– Students able to understand the sales process of a customer specialist

– Develop business capabilities for Banks’ sales/service teams

– Students able to proficiently applying the sales process in handling real sales situations, from which it is possible to conduct retraining and direct coaching for their subordinates

– Students able to systematize knowledge of sales skills

– Improve overall sales skills


Course’s Content

– Change the perception of sales in a positive direction

– Process sales with effective supportive skills

– Being aware of the importance of improving service quality to maintain personal and organizational growth

– The K.A.S.H. Successful Salesperson Standard.

– Build sales process M.A.S.T.E.R.

– Resolving customer objections

– Effective methods of closing contracts

– Take care and solve problems with difficult customers


Teaching methods

– Lecture: 30% of the time

– Group discussion: 15% of the time

– Practice: 40% of the time

– Presentation: 15% of the time


Course Outline

Module 1: Sales profession


Changing learners’ perception of sales profession, thereby helping them to have a professional and standard way of working. After this module, students have a broader vision in the profession, thereby determining long-term goals in the work. Motivate and encourage learners, help learners develop action plans and increase commitment


  • Perspectives of the sales profession
  • Successful Sellers & Standards of success K.A.S.H.
  • 4 questions for successful saleperson
  • Selling hard or easy?
  • Growth motivation
  • Set business goals & build action plans according to 5W1H model


Module 2: Sales Process


Students understand, form a habit of uniformly applying La Jardin’s sales process, and have the ability to effectively execute each step of the sales process.


  • Build M.A.S.T.E.R. sales process
  • Skill models applied in 6 steps of meeting customers and closing contracts
  • General rehearsal of the entire sales process


Module 3: Customer Service


Student able to realize the importance of customer service and set up a management plan to take care any customers.


  • What? – What is customer service?
  • Why? – Why improve service quality for customers?
  • How? – How to improve customer service quality?
  • Internal customer care
  • Applying  with the V.I.P.S . formula
  • Take care and solve problems with difficult customers