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GEET Studio

27-12-2021 Category : GEET SPACE

GEET Studio provides full-service E-learning materials production services (editing, filming, montage, animation, effects ), consulting, and bringing solutions to build online training materials for individuals, organizations and businesses. At the same time, GEET Studio offers courses from beginner to advanced level in content creation and production application. Besides, GEET Studio creates many working opportunities in a professional environment with standard equipment for individuals, content production teams, image and video development as well.

The services provided by GEET Studio are:

  • Producing E-learning materials: content editing, filming, video editing, effects and development of E-learning systems for individuals, organizations and enterprises operating in the field of education or demanding of producing online training resources.

GEET Studio is equipped with specialized television equipment (Black Magic recording system (6K standard), professional sound system (Sennheiser, Rode), Studio standard multi-purpose lighting system and other auxiliary equipment systems). They are always continuously invested and innovated. In particular, GEET Studio has a professional team in editing, designing, film producing, and post-production techniques that always aim for the best in each product.